Tattoo Apprenticeships

Dark Demon Ink Tattoo School affiliate apprenticeship program


Tattoo apprenticeships are the best way to get into the tattoo industry. Knowing how to tattoo is not enough to get full time employment or open a tattoo studio. Nowadays, aspirant tattoo artist need to have a good understanding of the overall tattoo business. From marketing of the tattoo sector, acquiring customers to tattoo studio standard operating procedures. If you aspiring to start a new career or you have been looking for tattoo job without success We have the solution for You.

Dark Demon Ink Tattoo School offers an apprenticeship program only for active students. Requirements to be eligible for an apprenticeship programs are:

  • Attended our professional course for 6 months or more.
  • Willing to learn and follow instructions from tattoo mentor
  • Willing to live in Thailand for 6 months or longer.

Eligible students will attend an interview at Dark Demon Ink Tattoo School. The apprenticeship program can take place at Our tattoo school or at other affiliate shops located in Bangkok or at Ko Samui island. If selected, the applicant will review the place and will negotiate the contract of apprenticeship directly with the owner.

What you learn in Your tattoo apprenticeship

-build a strong flash and drawing portfolio

-acquiring customers (costs, techniques, methods..)

-marketing in the tattoo industry

-health and safety regulations (how to be compliant with regulations)

-personal brand management

-build an impeccable tattoo portfolio

-tattoo customer service (after care, bookings.. )