Our Teachers who will help you learning to tattoo.

Kru Tao - Professional Machine Course

Kru (Teacher)  Tao’s tattoo career was started when he was 27. Since he was start and the time passed did not last long, he secured a job in one of the busiest tattoo shops in Bangkok.

Now he owns that tattoo studio and employs 3 tattoo artists. Always wanting to upgrade his experience he decided to join Dark Demon Ink Tattoo School. Kru Tao won the 2014th edition of Hua Hin tattoo convention, the 2015 MBK tattoo convention in Bangkok and was tattooer of the year 2015 at Chiang Mai Tattoo festival. Since 2016 he has been the judge of many tattoo contests around Thailand. This year he personally directed the Fortune tattoo contest 2018 held in Bangkok. Having started with no previous drawing or tattoo skills and become a big name in Thailand, Kru tao can fully understand beginners to professional tattooer needs. His skills are so high that can free hand any tattoo and his expertise is in Japanese style Tattoos His motto is 'Life is like a tattoo. can be painful but is beautiful'


Kru tao dark demon ink tattoo school bangkok

Kru Tao - Thai Bamboo Course

Kru (Teacher) Tao was interested in arts, from drawings to Thai ornamental art, since he was young.  In five years as tattoo artist he collected many awards such as Fortune tattoo contest Thailand and Korat tattoo and body paint convention and opened his own successful tattoo shop. He has had many offers for teaching tattoos in the past. Kru tao accepted our offer as he loved our philosophy of a tattoo school with art and drawing in it. As he was tried many years ago in getting into the tattoo industry, now Kru Tao wants to help other students strive to their best. He wants to teach the core of tattooing through art and drawing to make tattoo easy. Kru Tao was able to achieve so much in such a short time that he wants to share his recipe to others. This is something truly unbelievable as many tattoo artists do not want to share their secrets or only do to fews. His motto is ‘Tattoo saved my life and made the person who I am, I want other students to find their path’


Kru Fire - Drawing Teacher

Born in a family of artist, both of his parents are Art Teachers and his older brother is a famous comic book writer. By words of art specialist, Kru (Teacher) Fire, should have start selling his artwork around the world and he would have become a famous artist. However, his vision of life and art, took him to a different carrier path. He opened an art studio and gallery with partners that share his same beliefs with the goal of make art free for anyone to enjoy. Kru Fire believes Art is in everyday life, a fundamental of earth. From food to nature to human beauty, anything can look amazing if you train your eyes. His love for art and helping people got him to join our team at Dark Demon Ink Tattoo School. His mottos is 'Art is in the eyes of the person looking, in the ears of a listener'.

Kru Wan - English Interpreter

Kru (Teacher) Wan moved to Bangkok and graduated in English at the prestigious Ramkhamhang University.    She could have had high paid office jobs in various companies however Kru Wan decided to follow her dreams and dedicate herself to Art. She started to learn wood carving then quickly become a supplier for souvenir shops. Her Wood-work activity was very successful until she decided to join her family restaurant business. Here she learned to create Art with food. Typical Thai dishes created in spectacular fashion. She also loves to practice Henna tattoos. If you are interested in this arts she will surely help you master them.