Thai Bamboo Tattoo Course

Learning Thai bamboo tattoo with us

Joining this course will empower You of this piece of Thai culture now spread all over the world between Hollywood celebrities and most commonly Thai fighter.

Introduction to Thai bamboo tattoo

As our other courses, you will have a health, safety and hygiene procedure demonstration on your first day.

We will tell you the story of this ancient tradition and its usage during the years. Then we will show you how the bamboo its set up nowadays and how to make lines shading and colors.

Master new techniques on fake skin

On your second day, you can start tattooing fake skin. Day by day, you will improve the basic techniques until you will pass our test before you'll go to the step of practicing with the real skin.

Practice Thai style tattoo on real skin

After you pass our test, You will tattoo with real life model. At the end of the course, you will receive an internationally recognized certificate of tattoo.


After completion of this course you will receive an internationally recognized Certificate of Thai Bamboo Tattoo and a Certificate of Health and Safety. This is NOT a certificate of attendance. At Dark Demon Ink Tattoo School you need to prove your cleanliness, hygiene, health and safety standards towards the clients and also your tattoo skills. We do not issue certificates of attendance as we want our students to give their best potential to get employment in the tattoo industry. We are a family business so do not worry to ask as many questions or instructions to our staff as many times as you need. You will always be treated like our family.

Course Price

Our Thai Bamboo Course  is a truly unique experience. It is absolutely rare to find an Ajarn (highest Thai teacher) that can teach this antique Thai Art.